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Welcome to USQ Saints

Welcome to USQ Saints Rugby Club, 

It’s the Family Rugby Club and one that you will love to be part of.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our local sponsor, Vanderfield, USQ Saints is going from strength to strength with the Club expanding its participants by hosting both the MRP and MRP 7s divisions.  

USQ Saints will continue to move more girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities residing with the Toowoomba region, off the sidelines and into the main game, this season and beyond.

Want to know more about the MRP from then to now? Head to


Club Contact Details 

USQ Saints Rugby Club

Baker Street, (Behind Steele Rudd College)

Darling Heights QLD 4350

PO BOX 1111 Toowoomba QLD 4350

P: 0476 221 476







Anthony Aheard

0437 772 237

Vice President (Junior)

Stephen Pickersgill

0401 664 603


USQ Saints’ MRP Contacts 





MRP Coordinator

Paul Hanna  

 0410 456 085


2019 Season Details

Season Dates

First Training

First Game

Last Training

Last Game





Training: Friday afternoon 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Games: Saturday morning 7:30am to 8:15am


Teams Breakdown and Divisions 

2019 Season



Team Size (MRP Players)

Team Size (PlayerMentors)

Season Draw






2019 MRP Season Draw

MRP 7’s




2019 MRP 7’s Season Draw


Fees and Registration Process

Step 1: Register your Expression of Interest (EOI) Here

Step 2: Wait for correspondence from the MRP and confirmation of a position

Step 3: If successful you will need to register under the appropriate division at USQ Saints via


MRP Communication Platforms


myMRP Portal


  •        The myMRP Portal is only available to registered MRP Player Parents, PlayerMentors, PlayerMentor Parents, Coaches and MRP Representatives who have registered and confirmed their account.
  •        The myMRP Portal is a communication platform for your MRP profile, registrations, event information, fixtures, news, blogs and those alike.
  •        The myMRP Portal requires an ID (your email address) and a password. Save your ID and Password into your browser to save time when you are sent links in your Skype group to pages within the myMRP Portal.


  •         Skype is the MRP’s main communication platform for MRP teams. Click here for a step-by-step guide to download and join your MRP team skype group.


Social Media

  •        GingerCloud and the MRP also provide general communications through social media. Come join our community by following us at:

o   MRP Facebook

o  GingerCloud Facebook

o  MRP Instagram

o   GingerCloud Instagram

o   MRP LinkedIn

o   GingerCloud LinkedIn

o   MRP Twitter

o   GingerCloud Twitter


Roles and Responsibilities

The MRP is passionate about ensuring a consistent experience for all participants. To achieve this, we need your help. 


MRP Events Calendar

We have so much happening in 2019! Click here to see all the dates you need to mark into your calendar.


Your Club Calendar

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