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Thank you Chyna!


It was 2013 when we first met Chyna Howlett MRP New Development Lead/Head Coach and at that time she was working at the St George Qld Reds.


Soon after in 2014, we invited Chyna to come and work for GingerCloud Foundation to support the growth of the MRP and in the four years since Chyna has contributed so much to the program and our community!


We honestly couldn’t imagine where the MRP would be today without her.


Her passion for girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities and their families shines each time she takes to the field at training and games.


Chyna also understands how important our coaches and PlayerMentors are to support our children both on and off the field and her connection with families shines through.


Sadly, due to funding restrictions we’re unable to continue to fund Chyna’s role of New Development Lead/ Head Coach after the End of Season Carnival.


So please make sure you catch up with Chyna at Saturday’s carnival - she would love to see you all!!


Join us in thanking Chyna for everything she has done at her last official event this Saturday 23 June..



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