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Support Our Coaches with an EOFY Tax Deductible Donation




The countdown is on! The GingerCloud Foundation is aiming to raise enough funds to have each of the current Modified Rugby Program (MRP) Coaches fully funded for the 2020 season before June 30.


At MRP, our coaches are at the heart of what we do. Part of our vision is to nurture a generation of young adults for whom disability is normalised. We do this through our PlayerMentors and our wonderful Coaches, who represent true inclusion ambassadors. We sow the seeds of inclusion, and our ambassadors tend the garden, returning to their communities and spreading the story to drive long term social change.


Our Coaches provide consistent support to the children and PlayerMentors, living and breathing the values of the MRP. They are equipped with specific training and skills to work with children with a variety of learning and perceptual disabilities.


Our MRP Coaches work with children with Autism, Asperger’s and other cognitive disabilities. These children have a range of individual needs and require support in differing areas. Our Coaches are trained to provide this support, and that is why we pay our Coaches.


A once off donation of $1600, or $130 a month for a year, will cover the costs of one MRP Coach. As we get closer to EOFY, we need your support! Click here to access our donation page and support the MRP with a tax-deductible donation.

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