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Suncorp Stadium

Suncorp Saturday 26th May

The MRP is thrilled to have the opportunity to take to the field of Suncorp Stadium once again this year.

We extend our gratitude to the St. George Qld Reds for making this money can’t buy opportunity possible for our MRP family once again.

The MRP will showcase the talent and skills of a number of our very own MRP Players, PlayerMentors, Assistant Coaches and Coaches for half time games at the highly-anticipated Reds V Highlanders fixture.

Although we wish we could have each and every MRP division and team across Queensland play under the spotlight, unfortunately this is not possible as unlike last year, in 2018 we only have access to the half time timeslot.

To make the half time team selection process as fair as possible, we made the decision to select MRP Teams, which were either new to the program or had a high number of participants who have not previously had the chance to play at Suncorp across our three MRP divisions – the MRP, MRP 7s and MRP Colts.

If your child has played at Suncorp before, please take the time to explain this change and reinforce how important it is to give others, new to our community, the chance to experience the thrill of playing on the field at Suncorp as they have done in the past.

As we mentioned in Skype last week, every MRP participant will have an on-field experience either:

·         heading onto the field and forming the tunnel to run on the St.George Qld Reds and the Highlighlanders

·         playing at half time

·         handing the post-match water bottles to Reds Players.

Please see below the list of roles for each MRP Team.


Morning Preparation Walk-Through (Optional)

The MRP offer a preparation walk-through for those parents or guardians who wish to acclimatise their MRP Player(s) prior to their Suncorp Stadium debut.

The preparation involves: seating for the match, walk through tunnel and along sideline, facilities and location of Quiet Zone.

The MRP encourage taking advantage of the preparation walk-through so our MRP Players can embrace the experience at Suncorp Stadium.  

Meeting Time


Meeting Point

The MRP Meeting Point is outside of Gate B (see map).


Meeting Time (Ticket Collection - Gate B)

Game Entry: 6:30pm

Meeting Point

The MRP Meeting Point is outside of Gate B (see map). All tickets will be distributed to Coaches and Managers at this point.



All MRP Participants, including MRP Players, PlayerMentors, Assistant Coaches and Coaches receive a ticket to enter Suncorp Stadium on Game Day. A parent or guardian of MRP Participants will also receive a ticket. Tickets can be collected on Game Day at the Meeting Point (see below).   


Additional Tickets

The MRP encourage all families and friends to become part of the MRP community to celebrate this exciting opportunity. To ensure your seat amongst the MRP family and for a 25% discounted price, please go to the following link and use the ‘Special Code’.


Special code:      MR18E 

Please note that this code is a special offer for the MRP community and we ask that you share only with friends and family.



We have an allocated section within Suncorp Stadium for our MRP family: Rookies to Reds Zone in Section 309.


Quiet Zone

The Suncorp Stadium’s Quiet Room is accessible to our MRP Players if they wish to break away from the activity and noise. If you need to use the Quiet Room, please advise your Coach who will coordinate this for you.


MRP Teams - Tunnel

Norths MRP

Easts MRP

Redlands MRP

Wests Colts

Brothers Reds 7’s

Brothers White 7’s

Brothers Blue 7’s

USQ White 7’s

USQ Blue 7’s

Wests Green 7’s

Redlands White 7s

Easts MRP 7s


MRP Teams - Half Time

Bears MRP

USQ Saints MRP

Brothers Colts

Redlands Red 7’s

Wests Gold 7’s


MRP Team - Post-Match Water Bottles  

Brothers MRP

Wests MRP

 Stadium Map