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St.George Foundation grants $50,000 to grow the MRP family across Australia

This morning, St.George Foundation announced a further grant of $50,000 to GingerCloud’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) to allow more girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities across Australia get involved in rugby at their local club.  


The grant will support the growth of the MRP family, specifically the first interstate team at the Vikings in Canberra, as well as the new MRP Clubs in Townsville and Toowoomba.


Head of Retail Banking St.George Queensland Naushad Ahmed said “All kids deserve the chance to play sport and we hope this grant will bring a smile to more young rugby players, who without this program wouldn’t realise their love of the game.”


“This program brings lifelong benefits, not only to the child participating and their families, but to the PlayerMentors who gain invaluable leadership skills.”

According to GingerCloud’s Managing Director Megan Elliott, support from organisations like St. George Foundation allow the MRP family to grow and support more families with girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities into the long term.

“As our son Max has a learning and perceptual disability, our dream is to create a world where girls, boys and young adults like Max feel safe, are understood, are included and belong just like everyone else. It’s all about creating an extended family – a home where our children can belong across their lives,” said Megan Elliott.

“The generous support from St.George Foundation is so important in securing the future that dream.”


Expressions of Interest for the 2018 MRP season are now open

If you’d like to get involved in one our 24 MRP teams across 3 divisions – MRP, MRP 7s and MRP Colts,  here are our participating clubs:

Brisbane                              Toowoomba                                      Townsville                                          Canberra

Brothers                               USQ Saints                                          Teachers West                                  Vikings

Easts                                      Toowoomba Bears                           Brothers


University of Qld (UQ)



Who can apply

If you’re a family with a girl, boy or young adults with a learning and perceptual disability looking to belong, a PlayerMentor wanting to share your passion for sport, a rugby club wanting to drive inclusion, a coach or a volunteer wanting to make a difference, or a sponsor who could help us grow the MRP, Express your Interest today.


Join us on our journey to change our world one rugby club at a time.


Megan Elliott (Founder of GingerCloud and the Modified Rugby Program); James Tuttle (QLD Reds): Max Elliott (MRP Player): Naushad Ahmed (Head of Retail Banking St.George Queensland): Happy the Dragon: Lara Elliott (PlayerMentor): Anthony Elliott (Founder of GingerCloud and the Modified Rugby Program); Jack Tuttle (Modified Rugby Program Coach)