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Q&A Tuesday with Megan Halliday


Among all of our amazing and beautiful MRP Mums, we had a chat to proud Mum, Megan Halliday, who is new to the program this season. Megan joined her daughter, Annika, to the Toowoomba Bears and since, the Halliday family have loved every minute of it!

 Megan gave us her opinion on Annika’s experience in the program.


Q: How did you hear about the MRP?

A: “From the Toowoomba Down Syndrome support group.”


Q: What motivated you to get Annika involved?

A: “Annika loves any sports with balls. She had previously been on a local soccer team. She loved playing soccer, but I could see that it would be increasingly hard for her to run and participate with other children her age.  Modified rugby sounded like the perfect solution for her, where there would be support for her to keep up with her team mates,”


Q: From a parent’s perspective, what has been the most heart-warming moment of the MRP?

A: “We bought Annika a pair of football boots the week before starting MRP. Annika was so excited that the boots did not leave her side. When she actually had her first training session, she loved her football so much that she slept cuddled up to it at night. The next day at school, she had to write a story about her favourite place. She told her teacher that her favourite place was playing football on the oval.”


Q: How does it feel as a family to become part of the Toowoomba Bears Community?

A: “The Toowoomba Bears Community has been very welcoming. Annika is so proud to wear a Bears jersey, and loves seeing her friends at football. There has also been social events with the club such as BBQ breakfast, and wind and cheese night to mix with other families.”

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