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Q&A Tuesday with Kitty Tooth



Despite Kitty Tooth joining the MRP just this year as a PlayerMentor at Brothers Rugby, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advocating the Program. Kitty is most definitely the MRP's #1 fan!

We sat down with Kitty to discuss her thoughts on the program and its impact on young individuals with learning and perceptual disabilities. 


Q: What motivated you to join the MRP?

“I have always loved sport, it has been a constant factor in my life and has always allowed me a safe place to be me and has always helped me work through the tough times while providing me with some of the best. When I heard about this program through a friend I knew I had to be involved. I took it for granted being able to play sport and all that comes along with it and I want everyone to be able to enjoy that, especially the kids at MRP. They deserve to be able to enjoy all that I enjoy about sport and just be kids who get to play rugby with people who love and support them.”

 Q: How do you believe the MRP creates bonds that won’t break?

A: “The environment created by MRP is so welcoming and so inclusive. There is no differential treatment towards anyone. The entire community is seen as one and the same allowing everyone to feel comfortable and just be happy together. This environment allows everyone to come together to create strong bonds, ones that can never be replicated but are truly unbreakable.”

Q: How has the MRP changed your life as a PlayerMentor?

A: “Life as a PlayerMentor is so good! I have met some of the most amazing kind people and have been given so many wonderful opportunities. It has given me a lot of hope for the world and the next generations. I’ve made some wonderful friendships with the kids, other mentors, coaches and parents alike. It just makes me so happy to see how the world really can be a good place, especially so close to home.”

Q: How do you believe the MRP changes the lives of girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities?

A: “ From the very beginning of the season to the few months at the end, it is undeniable how much those kids flourish. Their confidence, happiness, and friendships radiate. One of the kids in my colt’s team Sean, went from barely saying a word the first week of our games to cheering and high fiving all his friends, you couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. It changes everyone’s life. The parents get to see their kids in a safe place where they are loved, challenged and supported. The kids get to enjoy themselves without any fear of judgment, without any sense of difference, and all of us lucky enough to run alongside those kids get to experience the future, the future of inclusivity, and of pure joy.”

Q: What does it mean to you to be part of the MRP Tribe?

A: “It means everything to be part of something so special. Absolutely everything.”


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