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Q&A Tuesday with Jim Noble



Jim Noble, Head of Boarding at Toowoomba Grammar School (TGS) and also the father of Patrick, a USQ Saints PlayerMentor, has witnessed first-hand the impact the MRP has had on young men as PlayerMentors.

The 2018 season saw TGS well and truly taking the program in their stride with 80% of the PlayerMentors and ALL of the coaches being students. 

Jim has been a driving force at TGS of the program in Toowoomba and is an asset to the MRP Tribe. 


Q: How do you believe the MRP has impacted the young men at Toowoomba Grammar School as PlayerMentors? 

A: "It has had so many positive impacts on the TGS boys. Ultimately, their involvement as a Player Mentor forces them to put another person’s needs before their own. They learn the importance of being patient, kind and dependable. By being involved as a Player Mentor the TGS boys feel they have helped another child to enjoy an activity and they feel the satisfaction of having made a difference to someone else."

Q: Why do you believe the MRP is important for young men to participate?

"I believe it is important because they have the chance to help another child and to build a strong, trusting relationship with that child and his/her family. The boys learn to show empathy and it normalises disability for them. These young men may be the leaders of tomorrow and their involvement in the MRP helps them to learn many valuable skills to be a great leader.

Q: What do you think the MRP means to them? 

A: "The Toowoomba Grammar boys really value the opportunity to be involved in the MRP. I think for many of the boys they have gained so much more from their involvement than they initially expected. I spoke to the Mother of one of our young men recently and she told me what a profound impact the MRP had had on her son."

Q: The MRP is all about creating bonds that won’t break. Have you witnessed bonds created between the MRP Players and their PlayerMentors? 

A: "The relationship between the Player Mentors and the Players is a special one. The trust that the Players have in their Player Mentor is beautiful to watch. I know our boys understand that they are doing much more than just coaching, they are building a great relationship which benefits all involved."


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