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Q&A Tuesday with Jack Tuttle



The MRP are proud to have a plethora of specially qualified and trained coaches and Jack Tuttle is one of them. Jack was introduced to the program last year and is a proud coach of the MRP 7’s Red at Brothers Rugby Club for the 2018 season.

We spoke to Jack to get the ins and the outs of the MRP.


Q: What motivated you to get involved in the program? 

A: "I worked with Dallan Murphy who assisted Megan and Anthony in starting the MRP, he explained the concept and recommended it to me. It sounded like a great opportunity to be involved in rugby at a different level and with an objective that wasn't focused around winning and losing games."

Q: What does the MRP mean to you? 

A: "To me the MRP is about giving everyone the opportunity to enjoy themselves and feel a sense of belonging. Some of the players and their parents haven't been able to experience the sense of community that me and my family did when I was younger. It facilitates a community for the parents around junior sport and allows the players to enjoy and challenge themselves in an environment where they aren't made to feel different or excluded."

Q: How has the MRP changed you, both as a person and a player? 

A: "It has shed some light for me on the challenges that some children and their families face dealing with disabilities and learning difficulties. It has made me more patient with people and more considerate as to why people may behave the way the do. It has also put into perspective the challenges that I face regularly." 

Q: How would you best describe the MRP and its healing power of rugby for girls and boys with learning and perceptual disabilities?

A: "For a lot of the players, the rugby specific part is still very difficult. But, it is really pleasing to see the players constantly challenged and through that improving both rugby wise and socially. I think the constant challenges the players face and overcome is so important as it gives them self confidence, a sense of accomplishment and some belief that they can overcome challenges outside of the MRP." 

Q: What has been your favourite ‘MRP moment’? 

A: "I think my favourite MRP moment was when I saw how excited and proud the players were to have the opportunity to play at Suncorp Stadium last year. It was great to see how nervous and excited they all were before the match, and then confidently waving to the crowd after the match."


Our MRP Coaches are an integral part of the program; a huge thank you to Jack for his unwavering support! 



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