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Q&A Tuesday - The Chesterman Family, Larry and Murphy!




GingerCloud Team Member:    Andrew, Anita, Emily Matthew

Years in the MRP:                        7 years (Matthew was in the pilot with Max Elliott)

Club:                                                Brothers Rugby Club - Brisbane

GingerCloud Role:                       Emily is an MRP 7s Coach

Year as Coach:                              This is my second year!


Pet:                                                  Larry - 9 years

Breed:                                             Labradoodle

Pet:                                                  Murphy – 5 months

Breed:                                             Labradoodle (same breeder!)


Larry's Walking Routine

Pre COVID – 19:                          Every other morning with mum and her friends (and his friends Peggy the

                                                          Labrador and Ruby the Golden Retriever)

During COVID 19:                       Every day. Sometimes twice! 


Murphy’s Walking Routine

Pre COVID – 19:                          He wasn’t old enough to go outside!

During COVID 19:                       Every day. Much to Larry’s dismay. He likes to annoy Larry when they walk side

                                                          by side


Family Walking Routine

Pre COVID – 19:                          Just mum

During COVID 19:                       Mainly mum, but the occasional family walk in the afternoon


Favourite family meal:              Pizza on a Friday 

Favourite Food – Larry and Murphy: Cheese when they can swipe it off the table when no one is looking

Family's favourite part of being part of the MRP Community: Hanging out and being normal. Coffees after the game. Pizza after training. 


Stay Safe everyone! 



Your GingerCloud Team!


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