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Q&A Tuesday - James and Floyd




GingerCloud Team Member:     James Alexander Kleidon MRP Regional Coordinator Darling Downs

Pet:                                                   Floyd Alexander Kleidon (no word of a lie ... middle name is the same!!)

James’ time with GC:                  4 years

James’ time with Floyd:             2 years (Floyd became part of the family to replace James when he went to Uni)

Roles:                                              PlayerMentor, Coach, Regional Coordinator

Breed:                                             Border Collie (Floyd not James)


Floyd’s Walking Routine

Pre COVID – 19:                         10-20kms a day

During COVID 19:                      10-20kms a day with more people to share the walking


James’ Walking Routine

Pre COVID – 19:                          1hr a day with lots of rugby training

During COVID 19:                       From the couch to the fridge and back


Favourite meal – James:            Pork steaks      

Favourite Food – Floyd:             Mince balls

James’ favourite part of being part of the MRP Community: Sharing in our families’ successes



Stay Safe everyone! 



Your GingerCloud team!


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