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Profile: Easts MRP 7s Plus Coach Reilly Hourigan



It is hard to believe the Easts MRP Team will be finishing the season next week (however MRP 7s and MRP 7s Plus continue into August). We are so proud of all the progress we have seen from our MRP Players, PlayerMentors and Coaches. We sat down with Easts MRP 7s Plus Coach Reilly Hourigan to find out more about their achievements!


Reilly became involved in MRP in 2015 after finishing high school. During his time as an MRP Coach, Reilly has enjoyed guiding the children and PlayerMentors to achieve success.


“My favourite part about coaching is guiding children to explore an avenue that has been closed off to them,” said Reilly.


“As well as that, it is so great to see parents able to relax and watch their children have fun! When they come to training and games, they can take a step back and watch, knowing that their children are being supported by other MRP Players, their PlayerMentors and Coaches.”


Reilly told us about some of the biggest highlights from the 2019 Season, including the MRP Showcase at Suncorp Stadium in May.


“We have been watching the children develop is skill and ability, not just on the field but socially also as they begin to develop close friendships in the MRP community,” said Reilly.


“Another highlight of this season was Suncorp, which the children always enjoy.”


“But maybe the biggest thing is seeing how the community has grown. We have three teams at Easts now, and a huge community of parents, PlayerMentors and Coaches who are there to support the MRP Players. Everyone is so happy to be part of such a close community,” he said.  


Community is such a huge part of MRP. The vision of the program is to create a place where children with learning and perceptual disabilities belong, just like everyone else. Reilly discussed how the program is a place where children have been able to develop friendships and become a part of something bigger.


“The children have all become so close and some truly amazing friendships have developed that would never have happened without the program,” said Reilly.


“They have built strong relationships with their PlayerMentors, who really are the heart and soul of the program.”


We asked Reilly his final thoughts on the season, and he shared how rewarding his time as a coach has been.


“The MRP Program has given me more happiness and fulfilment than any other job, sport of activity I’ve taken part in. The relationships I have formed through with the MRP Players, parents and PlayerMentors has taught me more than anything I could team the kids!

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