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Leadership Thursday: Inspiring Others

Inspiring Others


Inspiring others isn’t as simple as it seems, but it’s what the MRP is all about! And with our PlayerMentors well and truly embracing the GingerCloud Leadership Program, they are learning the true meaning of the tools to how they can inspire others and its importance.


Our PlayerMentors’ unwavering MRP commitment is remarkable! Check out our ‘Response of the Week’ from one of our awesome PlayerMentor’s response last week:

Q: How will you be able to utilize your Story Telling skill on Training and Game Days? Outline two examples.


A: If my player has had a bad day and doesn't want to do training I will tell him a story of when I was feeling down but was encouraged to keep going and that good things came from getting up and moving on. Or if my player is too excited and hyperactive before a game I will distract him by telling a story about how I usually feel nervous before a game and to change that feeling I try to distract myself in order to feel better. So too stop him from being too hyperactive I will take him for a run or pass the footy to calm down.



To all of our PlayerMentors, please ensure you are up-to-date with your Leadership Program videos and respective questions – they are the key to your success.

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