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Leadership Thursday: Being Authentic



Being Authentic


The MRP is 100% the real deal. It’s all about being authentic, which is something that we aim for our PlayerMentors to be both on and off the field. This week is Week 5, so we are officially half way through the GingerCloud Leadership Program.


We absolutely love reading all your responses to the weekly GingerCloud Leadership Program’s questions! To all our PlayerMentors, you are both inspiring and devoted!


To celebrate each and every one of you, we have selected another ‘Response of the Week’ for last week’s topic, Building Trust:

Q: Describe a situation where you built trust and what were the positive outcomes?

A: The situation where I built the most trust with my player was when he was crying about how he did not believe he was 'good enough' or 'fast enough' to score a try and be on the team. At this moment, I sat down with my player to encourage him through this tough time, and let him know that he was a valuable member of the team regardless of how fast he is; assuring him that he is just as fast as the other kids. I told him that if he kept trying, he would score a try and so when he went back onto the field, another player passed him the ball and he made a run and scored a try! After his try he felt an extreme sense of pride and trust towards me as my words of encouragement were true and honest.


Please ensure to you are up-to-date with your Leadership Program videos and respective questions. They are a great way to learn all things ‘MRP’ and put it to practice!


Happy Thursday from the MRP Team! 

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