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Changing Lives

We need your support!

 GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) is a world-first, club-based form of touch-only rugby union developed specifically to meet the needs of girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities (MRP Players).

Endorsed by Rugby Australia (RA) in 2017, the MRP aims to create a place where our MRP Players and their families feel safe, are understood, experience regular success and belong through rugby clubs everywhere.

With more than 14% per cent of young people across Australia impacted by learning and perceptual disabilities, we need to urgently secure partners to help us meet the growing demand as many of these young people have previously been unable to access team sport as a result of their disabilities.

The demand for the MRP continues to rapidly increase and has seen growth in participant numbers from 16 at 1 Brisbane club in 2014 to 252 across 9 Clubs, 5 cities, 3 divisions and soon to be 2 states in 2019.

We welcome all partnership and donor enquires to help us meet this growing demand. If you are interested in supporting us, please contact Megan Elliott Managing Director GingerCloud Foundation

Phone: 0410 654 812 Email:

To learn more about the impact of the MRP on our community, here is a video about how the MRP is Changing Lives of not only the MRP Players but the whole community: 

Change Lives Video 

MRP Overview

The MRP has deconstructed and modified the game in consideration of the specific areas of an MRP Player:

  •              5 senses: Sight, Hearing, Touch, Taste and Smell
  •              Attention
  •              Communication
  •              Social Skills
  •              Proprioceptive and Vestibular Development


Across the three MRP Divisions – MRP, MRP 7s and MRP Colts – there is significant scaffolding, modifications and support based on the varying needs of each MRP Player, including foundational rugby skills, reduced field size and playing time.

All MRP divisions are supported by the Head Coach, Team Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Parents Coaches (if required) and on-field PlayerMentors.

MRP PlayerMentors are young inspiring individuals brimming with passion and integrity who are specifically trained to best support their MRP Player through friendship, support and guidance both on and off the field.

The MRP Community is one that embraces belonging, inclusion and diversity. GingerCloud Foundation partners with rugby clubs to host MRP Teams to change the lives of girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities.


What the MRP means to families

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, MRP team. We have just had the most amazing experience of our first MRP training/game at USQ in Toowoomba. What a wonderful experience. My daughter loved it and is already counting down the days until next Friday. Thank you!” – Annette

“My son had his first training in Townsville today for MRP. He loved it! It is such a fun, supportive and engaging program.” – Rhiannon

“It was amazing to see the joy on my grandson’s face. He was so excited, even after the game! Thank you, Ben (PlayerMentor), and the Modified Rugby Program for the opportunity given to my amazing grandson, William!” – @Edwards.Kaye

“Inclusion for everyone, let get everyone playing the game we love.” – Marg

The MRP has changed the lives of many and aims to continue to do so.

With MRP Teams currently across Queensland and launching in Canberra in 2019, we are looking for partners to help us offer this world-first program to rugby communities across Australia.

We would love to work with you to achieve our vision in creating a life without limitation for young individuals with learning and perceptual disabilities and creating a generation for whom disability is normalised.

Together, we will be able to move more girls, boys and young adults with learning and perceptual disabilities off the sideline and into the main game. And by doing so, create more #bondsthatwontbreak.

 #BondsThatWontBreak Video

 We welcome all partnership enquiries from small to medium businesses and corporate enterprises.

Partner with us to change more lives across Australia.