Ollie Harrison and the MRP featured on Reds TV

The MRP and MRP Player Ollie Harrison had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Reds TV as part of Reds TV’s All Abilities!

Filming Coaching Videos

This will be a great way to maintain coaching consistency across the MRP teams, and will allow for a greater expansion, while maintaining the high standard and special techniques used for all our MRP Players.

Disability Action Week

It was great to be able to spread the importance of inclusion in all areas and the importance of being part of the local community, and to celebrate and embrace the Rugby Union’s ethos, that every player is welcome and valuable, no matter their shape, size or ability!


Lucia’s Story featured on Reds Foundation

A year later after being the first female MRP player registered in the program, Lucia’s story is now featured as part of the Reds Foundation’s My Story series!

End of Season Carnival

The smiles on the faces of participants and their families throughout the day were once again a reminder of why we all participate in this great sport.

World Rugby Comes to Play!

We are excited to share this program with the world, and for more people to see and understand the benefits of the program, like getting more children into this great sport we all enjoy.

The Main Game at Suncorp Stadium

This was a giant step out of the comfort zone for some of our MRP players and they all shone as bright as The Reds! (We are hoping some selectors were watching!)


Reds Foundation Launch

It was a great privilege to be involved in the launch of the Reds Foundation as part of the third of the Reds Foundation’s Three Pillars – All Abilities!

Mentoring the Mentors

The Wallaby legends and MRP ambassadors Nathan Sharpe and Tim Horan AM spent the evening mentoring our mentors on and off the field… while jealous parents watched on reminiscing about the good old days.

First Home vs Away match!

With consistency being key for our MRP players, it was exciting to watch everyone step out of their comfort zone, and play in a new environment against unfamiliar faces.