I miss my tribe!

Whilst it's been a cracker year again, I find myself in a low that's hard to crawl out of.

Whilst I miss the buzz of the early Saturday morning start, the fieldside coffee conversations and being around our extraordinary MRP Players and PlayerMentors, I know it's more than that.

I haven't been able to express it clearly until Kate Smith, our supporter, our friend and MRP champion sent me this wonderful blog about tribes...

iMovie - 2017 MRP End of Season Carnival

The End of Season Carnival is the day when when we look beside us and thank those who share our journey whilst also recognising the incredible contribution that our children have made and continue to make to our community.

Inaugural GingerCloud Fundraising luncheon raises $32,000

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our Inaugural GingerCloud Fundraising Lunch on Saturday 27 May in support of the Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

Your support helped us raise an amazing $32,000.

Thank you 10 x 10 Community!

Thank you to everyone in the 10 x 10 Community for your amazing support tonight

With Manitou’s support, we’ll move more children off the sidelines and into the main game

We’re excited to announce that global leader in material handling equipment Manitou is partnering with GingerCloud Foundation (GingerCloud) for the next three years to support the growth of the Modified Rugby Program (MRP).

MRP Recognised at the 2016 World Rugby Awards

Last week in London we were thrilled that the MRP was recognised at 2016 World Rugby Awards.

Rugby leads the way in promoting access, diversity and inclusion

"For the MRP to be recognised at the national level is testament to the true spirit of rugby which is all about diversity, inclusion and access to the game we all love.' said Megan

Modified Rugby Program Honoured with Nick Farr-Jones Spirit of Rugby Award

Last night in Sydney, Megan and Anthony Elliott from GingerCloud Foundation were awarded the 2016 Nick Farr-Jones Spirit of Rugby Award for their contribution to rugby through the ‘Modified Rugby Program’ they developed two years ago.

In its 5th year, the Nick Farr-Jones Spirit of Rugby Award recog...

Ollie Harrison and the MRP featured on Reds TV

The MRP and MRP Player Ollie Harrison had the amazing opportunity to be featured on Reds TV as part of Reds TV’s All Abilities!

Filming Coaching Videos

This will be a great way to maintain coaching consistency across the MRP teams, and will allow for a greater expansion, while maintaining the high standard and special techniques used for all our MRP Players.