Channel 9 visits the Modified Rugby Program Pilot at Brothers

As you can see from the story, everyone, including the parents, were pretty excited.

Legends Come Out of Retirement

The two impact players dusted their boots and came off the bench to join in the game.

Wallaby Legend Nathan Sharpe steps in to play for the MRP Reds

As we were a player down, he jumped in to fill in for the MRP Red team. Whilst the Blue Team was initially a little concerned, Nathan demonstrated his legendary sportsmanship by ensuring the game was evenly balanced.

A pilot program kicking goals – former Wallabies Help Out

The realisation of the program had meant a lot to the mentors, their players and their families. “The reaction has been fantastic and it was pretty emotional when we kicked off the program,” he said. The experience will also benefit the mentors who will gain certificates for their coaching experience.

Pilot Season Takes Off!

For some, this has only ever been a dream – and tonight it became a reality. 

11 Families Confirmed for the MRP!

We’re full!!

Ready to Go!

We’re full! 11 families have confirmed their interest in the Modified Rugby Pilot (MRP) happening from 2nd May to the 23rd June this year.

We’re thrilled to announce that Wallaby Captains and Legends Tim Horan AM and Nathan Sharpe will be joint MRP Ambassadors for the program.

They will both be ac...

Nathan Sharpe and Tim Horan confirmed as ambassadors for the MRP Player Mentor program

We’re thrilled that Wallaby Captains and Legends Tim Horan and Nathan Sharpe will be joint Ambassadors for the program.