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On Field Coaching Clinic

A great turn out at Ballymore for the MRP Coaching Clinic, with all 2016 team represented by future PlayerMentors, Coaches, and Parent Coaches.

All good things come to an end…until next year!

After a massive season for our 4 MRP teams it’s time to bid farewell – but first let reminisce and celebrate on what was another fantastic season.

The Suncorp Experience

For many, one of the greatest nights of their lives.

Quadrupled in Size

GPS, Wests and Easts have all joined Brothers in this exciting venture. Let the games begin!

Oliver Scores his Dream!

Oliver Scores his Dream!

A fantastic shot of Ollie from the MRP West’s Junior Rugby Club on the front page of The Satellite.

Thank-you to Ollie, his parents, and everyone from The Satellite! It’s fantastic to see so much community support for the MRP.


Last Try Wins!

We could have hardly imagined 12 weeks ago that this would have been possible as the MRP is the first time that many of the children had ever played a team sport.

Channel 9 visits the Modified Rugby Program Pilot at Brothers

As you can see from the story, everyone, including the parents, were pretty excited.

Legends Come Out of Retirement

The two impact players dusted their boots and came off the bench to join in the game.

Pilot Season Takes Off!

For some, this has only ever been a dream – and tonight it became a reality. 

Ready to Go!

We’re full! 11 families have confirmed their interest in the Modified Rugby Pilot (MRP) happening from 2nd May to the 23rd June this year.

We’re thrilled to announce that Wallaby Captains and Legends Tim Horan AM and Nathan Sharpe will be joint MRP Ambassadors for the program.

They will both be ac...