2018 Play By The Rules Award Video

GingerCloud Foundation's MRP was proudly announced the 2018 Play By The Rules Award Winners. 

Listen to our very own Managing Director Megan Elliott on how the MRP encourages and facilitates an inclusive environment. 

Q&A Tuesday with Ned Powell

Ned Powell joined the MRP Tribe this 2018 season as a PlayerMentor in the Brothers Colts Team. Ned is an inspiring and passionate young man who flourished within the program. This year, GingerCloud's 2nd Fundraising Luncheon, Ned shed light on the power of the bond formed between himself and his PlayerMentor Paddy and he assures us it's one that will last forever. We spoke to Ned to gain a further insight into his experiences with the MRP. 



Check Out Megan Elliott's Latest Interview on ABC Canberra

GingerCloud's MRP Managing Director joined in on the conversation on ABC Canberra Radio's Drive.


Q&A Tuesday with Anita Chesterman

The Chesterman Family have been part of the MRP Tribe since the get-go! And have supported the program with passion, integrity, and love ever since. Anita Chesterman is known among the MRP Community for her beautiful artwork series that capture the heart-warming bonds formed from the program.


GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) Wins the 2018 Play By The Rules Award

We are thrilled to announce that GingerCloud Foundation’s Modified Rugby Program (MRP) was awarded the 2018 Play By The Rules Award on Thursday 11 October in Melbourne by Human Rights Commissioner Megan Mitchell.



Q&A Tuesday with Catherine Betcher

Catherine Betcher is not only super mum to PlayerMentor, Charlie, but Brothers Rugby Club Townsville's MRP Coordinator. Catherine, also known as 'Mum' amongst the Townsville PlayerMentors, is a driving force of the program since being hosted this 2018 season.

We spoke to Cath to gain an understanding of how Townsville has benefited as a community from the program.  

Q&A Tuesday with Tamara Madzika

Tamara Madzika is a proud MRP PlayerMentor, to say the least. Tamara joined the MRP Tribe this 2018 season in Townsville at Brothers Rugby Union Club and has since flourished within the program. She is an inspiring, passionate and conscientious young woman studying Speech Pathology and has provided us with an insight into how she incorporates her studies into MRP training sessions and games. 


Q&A Tuesday with Kitty Tooth

Despite Kitty Tooth joining the MRP just this year as a PlayerMentor at Brothers Rugby, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to advocating the Program. Kitty is most definitely the MRP's #1 fan!

We sat down with Kitty to discuss her thoughts on the Program and its impact. 

Q&A Tuesday with Jim Noble

Jim Noble, Head of Boarding at Toowoomba Grammar School (TGS) and also the father of Patrick, a USQ Saints PlayerMentor, has witnessed first-hand the impact the MRP has had on young men as PlayerMentors.

The 2018 season saw TGS well and truly taking the program in their stride with 80% of the PlayerMentors and ALL of the coaches being students. 

Jim has been a driving force at TGS of the program in Toowoomba and is an asset to the MRP Tribe. 

Suncorp Saturday - Yet Another Success!

It’s nearly everyone’s dream to play on the field where legends have once been and continue to be: Suncorp Stadium. But, it was the reality for some of our amazing MRP Tribe over the weekend!