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As our son Max has a learning and perceptual disability, our dream is to create a world where girls, boys and young adults like Max feel safe, are understood, are included and belong just like everyone else. We established GingerCloud Foundation to make that dream real. With support from rugby, we developed the Modified Rugby Program (MRP) in 2014 to create connection for young people like Max, developing a home for them through their local rugby club. The MRP’s inspiring PlayerMentors - adolescent through to university-aged young men and women - volunteer to support our children both on and off the field. Through the MRP, they learn how to ‘do inclusion’, helping us nurture a generation of young people for whom disability is normalised. Positions in 24 teams across 3 divisions are now open in clubs hosting the MRP in 2018 in Brisbane, Redlands, Toowoomba, Townsville and Canberra. If you’re a family like ours looking to belong, a PlayerMentor wanting to share your passion for sport, a rugby club wanting to drive inclusion, a coach or a volunteer wanting to make a difference, or a sponsor who could help us grow the MRP, express your interest today!  Join us on our journey to change our world one rugby club at a time. 


Megan and Anthony Elliott

Co-Founders of GingerCloud and the MRP 




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Leadership Thursday: Building Trust

Building and maintaining trust is at the core of Leadership. And our PlayerMentors are learning the four key elements of this fundamental quality delivered by the GingerCloud Leadership Program this w...

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Q&A Tuesday with Lincoln Rosiak

The MRP are proud to have Lincoln Rosiak as coach of the MRP 7s Red at Redlands Rugby this season. Lincoln is an asset to the MRP family as he has continued to contribute to the lives of the MRP Playe...

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Mid-Season Update

Hi everyone,

It's hard to believe that we're into Week 6 of the MRP already! What an amazing season it has been so far. Thank you to everyone across all our Clubs for your support.

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Leadership Thursday: Gratitude

 “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

 Often, gratitude goes unnoticed.

 But the GingerCloud Leadership Program believes it is an integral part of ...

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Club Feature: Norths Rugby

Elias Power, coach of MRP Blue at Norths Rugby Club, joined the MRP this season. Elias has recently completed a Dual Degree of a Bachelor of Sport Exercise Science and Sports Management and a Graduate...